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Bo Forbes is a clinical psychologist, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and research collaborator in the science of well-being. Since the 1990’s, Bo’s experience in the field of trauma has included the fields of inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, private practice, organizational consulting, yoga therapy, and decolonization of the body. She has a unique perspective on embodiment: she works intimately with the body in relation to trauma, and has also experienced, written about, and spoken publicly about sexual assault and harassment. Until the age  of two, she lived with her parents on a Seneca reservation in New York before its destruction by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; her master’s thesis focused on the bodily rituals of indigenous cultures. Bo is the founder of the One Body Collective, an organization which focuses on scholarship, pedagogy, and service at the intersection of embodiment and social justice. Bo has worked with professional athletes, homeless youth in LGBTQIA settings, establishing and supervising a yoga program at the Codman Square Center in Dorchester, MA, and with yoga teachers, aspiring teachers, and practitioners with and without a history of trauma. She is the author of Yoga for Emotional Balance, and a second book currently in process.